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Archives, Museums
& Government

Securing the Irreplaceables.

Digitize, preserve, and manage your archived treasures effortlessly. Transform valuable resources into digital format for easy discovery and long-term preservation. Mediaflex empowers audiovisual archives, museums, and cultural institutions to safeguard assets for posterity. Ensure secure, permanent access to live and archived recordings for governmental and legislative sectors. Trusted globally by government organizations, Mediaflex efficiently stores media assets and enables seamless access through live video and audio capture.

Benefits for Archives, Museums & Government Organizations
Preservation & Access
  • Long-term, secure storage of valuable assets.
  • Digitization & accessibility of historical materials.
  • Controlled access & user management.
Research & Education
  • Efficient search & retrieval of materials.
  • Online access to collections for wider audiences.
  • Preservation of cultural heritage & identity.
Compliance & Security
  • Access to diverse media assets.
  • Exploration of new content formats.
  • Physical vault management.
  • Secure storage & physical stock management.
  • Secure sharing & acquisitions.

Customers Benefitting From This Solution

Scalable and adaptable, Mediaflex is the ideal choice for managing audio and visual files, as endorsed by our satisfied customers below.


"...the solution needed to be robust, scalable and flexible as we transition to digital delivery while continuing to control nearly a million individual audiovisual records."

David Fricker Director General, National Archives of Australia

Logo_US Senate

The Recording Studio within the US Government Legislature uses Mediaflex-UMS

The two central requirements for a legislative archival system are immediate access, and secure permanent storage.